Why We Carry & Love Our Fly London Shoes

Why We Carry & Love Our Fly London Shoes

Posted by Deb Bearden on 13th Aug 2019

At Bearden Design et Boutique, we have a strong commitment to provide our clients with edgy, functional, and comfortable footwear. One of our favorite footwear vendors is Fly London. Originated in 1994, out of the UK, with a concept of edgy design paired with incredible comfort. Like many successful companies, it was not without a rocky beginning.The struggling young Fly London was discovered by Portuguese based company, Bos & Co, that saw the potential. After a short time under new management, Fly took off and is now a globally renowned business . Season after season, they never disappoint to offer many styles and colors with fabulous edgy designs that are comfy and wearable anywhere, all day long. This season Fly London has brought new styles to the table, lots of color and different leathers, metallics, suedes and perforated leathers. Fly London empowers our clients with style and comfort that allows them to go forward into the world with one less thing to think about.

All that being said, we are further blessed with our wonderful family owned and operated distributer Bos & Co. based in Canada. We can’t say enough great things about this company. Owners James and Ann Bosco are always there to help. We have incredible customer support and wonderful people to work with and support us as a team player. Fly London is a huge part of Bearden Designs’ mission and Bos & Co makes this all happen. Not only do they offer Fly London, but the Boscos also offer Bos & Co. footwear. Again, crazy comfort with the functionality of being completely waterproof. Bos & Co fall/ winter boots and shoes not only offer water protection, but have a merino lining which offers comfort and warmth. The sole of the shoes will not freeze and become hard, making their product comfy in any climate or weather conditions.

Finally, Bos & Co also brings us Softinos from Portugal. A soft leather walking shoe that is better than nothing at all, light weight, great for travel and washable. Softinos come in many colors and styles to accommodate everyone’s style. The apparel and footwear industry is demanding at best and the search is never ending for the best products on the market today with affordability and customer support. Fly London and Bos & Co. have us covered. We couldn’t be happier with the performance, quality and style of Fly London, Bos & co and Softinos. Please come visit us and allow us to share our vision of functionality, comfort and style with you. We have an amazing staff that can’t wait to empower you and help you shine.

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